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Hire your first AI sales employee for your retail business
Darwin answers questions accurately and slashing your team's conversation volume in a snap
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Unveil Darwin’s Magic


As Human as it gets

Robotic replies? Not Darwin's style. Embracing AI, Darwin talks like people do. With emojis, audio interactions, and context-aware responses, it's less machine, more companion.


The Learning Never Stops

Darwin's not just smart; it gets smarter. It absorbs from each customer interaction, welcomes feedback - both roses and critics, and knits your business data into its fabric for ever-evolving answers.


A Personality
for Every Occasion

Every brand has a unique voice. Darwin gets it. Train it with your best interactions, and it can wear multiple hats — replicating your brand’s tone, whether playful, formal, or anything in between.


Hybrid workforce is the future

SMBs must prepare their systems & processes for an AI-Human hybrid workforce.

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What we do
Darwin AI-workers automate more than 50% of SMBs’ tasks
What we are best at

Amplify Your Team's Impact

Inbound customer qualification
Darwin can talk to thousands of customers at the same time, qualify them and escalate them to the proper team.
Outbound customer reactivation
Offer promotions and special deals to your customer base! Darwin initiates the conversation, and should the customer be ready to make a purchase, the interaction can be escalated to the sales team.
Customer satisfaction
Understand if your customers liked your product or service! Darwin can gather open feedback from your customer base and detect posible flaws on your service
Boost your support service! You can now delegate the simple and repetitive tickets to Darwin. If it's difficult to solve, Darwin can always escalate the case to a human.
Some examples of our AI at work
Example for REtail industry
Made for non-technical teams in SMBs

1 week onboarding product

We train our AI with data from your Website, PDF files and your own feedback.
Our account executives also help you fine tune the AI to achieve your desired level of quality!

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WhatsApp native integration
Human-like answers *
Reinforced learning
1 week onboarding
Made for non-technical users from  SMBs

How we helped

Guido MiedvietzkyWonderlab
"Thanks to Darwin, WonderLab has revolutionized event marketing! With an immediate 24/7 response through WhatsApp, we have been able to double our conversion rates from contacts to meetings.

The implementation was super simple! Always counting on the help of the Darwin team, ensuring that there are no risks when implementing generative AI in our business."

Carlos Gudiño PlasenciaSubaru Guadalajara
"Thanks to the Darwin AI team, we have managed to implement our own generative artificial intelligence on WhatsApp with great ease.

We integrated the solution into our CRM, and Darwin automatically maintains conversations with our customers. This has improved our contact rates and post-purchase satisfaction."
Gabriela GoldszerOcampo Propiedades
"At Ocampo, we were able to transform the sale of real estate projects thanks to Darwin AI! We managed to be pioneers in the implementation of AI in the real estate industry.

Darwin allowed us to create an AI with all the information about our projects to advise clients 24/7. This enables us to be much more efficient and provide the best service in the market, thereby increasing our conversion and closure rates."
Ignacio PaganiniAlpozo
"Darwin had an immediately positive impact on! We saw improvements in operation, efficiency, and speed of internal processes.

Responding 24/7 with natural conversations through WhatsApp, we experienced a substantial improvement in sales management.
Saving up to 75% of the time, investment, and effort of our clients in the search for buyers of their real estate projects."

Integrated to all your tools